Crest is hiring for an Account Manager or Senior Account Manager

9th July 2021

We’re expanding our team and this is who we’re looking for! If this is you, email and we can set up a chat. 


  • This role is Account Manager or Senior Account Manager level (we know job titles mean different things at different agencies, so feel free to tell us what level of seniority is the best fit for you)
  • You’ll have a lot of autonomy and creative control in this role, as well as a supportive team around you
  • You’ll be directly shaping and executing strategies for important clients
  • Your salary will reflect your current level and experience – we’re happy to negotiate!

We need someone who can:

  • Handle the PR for funding round announcements
    • Typically Seed, pre-series A, or Series A announcement
    • Find the narrative and draft the release
    • Secure the exclusive and then handle the wider pitch for maximum exposure
  • Take a new start-up (often post-funding round announcement) and secure press coverage to help build their brand and get them on people’s radar
    • These will be tech start-ups, typically operating in the B2B or B2C software space (as opposed to hardware) and doing something interesting or disruptive
    • You’ll handle any ‘news’ they have, but you’ll also be able to come up with ideas that lead to features, interviews or more creative coverage
  • Come up with ideas, pitch, and write strong thought leadership pieces
    • These will be on all manner of themes such as the VC landscape, a tech sector, the ethics of AI, etc. 
    • They’ll target national and sector press
    • Liking writing and being able to get to grips with multiple sectors quickly is therefore essential 

We need someone who understands:

  • Start-ups and the tech/start-up world
  • VCs and the funding landscape
  • How to build the brand of a founder as well as a company
  • How to pitch news stories as well as secure feature or profile-raising opportunities

What you’ll get

  • To work with some of the most exciting start-ups, VCs, and most inspirational founders in the UK and Europe (we only work with nice people!)
  • Unlimited annual leave
  • Half days every other Friday
  • Autonomy to handle your own brief 
  • A culture that empowers people to get on with the job, fosters a genuine sense of camaraderie, and does away with any process that’s inefficient or a waste of time


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