10 UK tech journalists to follow on Twitter

19th May 2021

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that journalists love Twitter. Whether they’re sharing opinions, linking to articles or tweeting about a #JournoRequest, journalists’ sizeable presence on Twitter makes the platform an incredibly useful tool for PR professionals.

When it comes to tech, following the right journalists can help you understand the complex sector and keep abreast of the latest trends. Whether it’s a product launch or more news about NFTs, journalists’ feeds can offer a wealth of useful insights, real-time updates and opinions. Beyond that, if you work in tech PR, following top industry journalists on Twitter is a great way to connect with them and get to know what they’re into before you send a pitch. 

If you’re wondering which UK tech journalists you should be following on Twitter, here are ten talented tech writers to add to your feed today.

Amy Lewin (Sifted)

Amy is Deputy Editor of Sifted: the European startup site that has become an absolute must-read for anyone interested in the sector. Follow Amy for the best Sifted stories and platform updates, as well as exclusive and breaking startup news. We’d also recommend subscribing to the Sifted newsletter.

Follow Amy @amyrlewin.

Rory Cellan-Jones (BBC)

Rory is the BBC’s Tech Correspondent. Follow Rory for interesting tech tidbits from across the entire BBC ecosystem.

Follow Rory @BBCRoryCJ.

Alison Coleman (Forbes)

Alison’s beat isn’t limited to just tech, but as a regular Forbes contributor specialising in startups and entrepreneurship she’s definitely worth a follow. She’ll often tweet if she’s looking for experts in particular fields for a piece, which can be a great way to get your startup featured on Forbes.

Follow Alison @alisobcoleman.

Charlotte Jee (MiT Technology Review)

Charlotte writes MiT’s brilliant daily newsletter (The Download) and tweets insightful commentary on some of the latest (and quirkiest) goings on in the world of tech. Give her a follow for digestible tech tweets and fascinating stories on topics such as why we need a more feminist internet. I’d recommend subscribing to that newsletter, too.

Follow Charlotte @charlottejee.

Alex Hern (The Guardian)

Alex is The Guardian’s Tech Editor. He knows the sector inside out and is the guy to follow for pithy commentary and strong opinions on everything consumer tech, from e-scooters and Bitcoin to Fortnite. 

Follow Alex @alexhern

Becca Caddy (Freelance)

Becca is another consumer tech whiz, writing across Wired, New Scientist and T3 to name but a few titles. Follow Becca to discover fun (and often mind-boggling) tech, space and science stories you might not otherwise have encountered – as well as Becca’s take on emerging sector news and trends.

Follow Becca @beccacaddy.

Matt Burgess (Wired)

For everything you need to know about the hot topics that are data, privacy and surveillance, Wired reporter Matt Burgess is your man. He tweets the best of Wired’s reporting as well as stories worth reading from other sources, too. Keep an eye out for his long reads, which are always fascinating (and sometimes terrifying: you’ve been warned).

Follow Matt @mattburgess1.

Margi Murphy (The Telegraph)

Margi reports on tech for The Telegraph from Silicon Valley itself. Check out Margi’s timeline for real-time tweets about big developments from the Valley, as well as to stay up to date with the stories she’s penned.

Follow Margi @MargiMurphy.

 Yessi Bello-Perez (UNLEASH)

Yessi used to spearhead UKTN, but now edits new #FutureOfWork publication UNLEASH. Follow Yessi if you’re interested in exploring how HR, business and tech intersect.

Follow Yessi @yessibelloperez.

Suzanne Bearne (Freelance)

Susie doesn’t just cover tech, but many of her stories will have a tech or business element. Susie writes frequently for BBC’s ‘new tech economy’ series, and will often tweet call-outs for particular types of businesses relevant to pieces she’s writing. She also runs courses and mentoring for PR professionals, which are worth checking out if you’re new to the game and fancy hearing the inside track from a successful journalist.

Follow Susie @sbearne

Still want more?  You could also check out Steve O’Hear (a former journalist at Tech Crunch), Hannah Murphy (who covers tech for the FT), James Cook (special correspondent at The Telegraph) and UK freelancer Chris Stokel-Walker.

By Amy Mace, Senior Account Manager at Crest

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